5 Best Mac Tips and Tricks to Users

What do you use, Mac or Windows? If you are a Mac user, you can agree with me that Mac’s popularity is increasing every day. While this is so, some people are finding it hard to use Mac. If you just bought a MAC machine, you have come here at the right time. We are about to share useful tips that will help you find it easy to use. The best thing about Mac is that it has native software that can do lots of things that Windows 10 cannot do and will need third-party apps to perform. Check out these five best Mac tricks and tips for users. 

Sign your documents

With the mac machine, you can easily sign documents without any difficulties. If you are a busy person who is always signing documents online, this is the machine for you. All you need is to open the document that you wish to sign in the Preview app. Tab the pen image next to the upper right corner of your screen and then choose to create a signature from the inbuilt iSight. 

First, iSight is Mac’s inbuilt webcam that it utilizes to obtain your signature. All you need to do is to sign your name on a clear paper. After that, hold it upwards to the camera. Arrange the paper well by use of the guides on your screen. The camera needs to extract it automatically. After that, tap accept, and then save it.

Operate Windows on Apple

You can operate Microsoft Windows on your Mac machine. This is easy to do. Here is what you do, move to the Application folder on the Mac device, and utility folder. In it, there is a program known as Boot Camp. The program helps to split the hard drive between Mac and Windows. You have the freedom to decide how to partition the ratio. Keep in mind that storage assigned to one OS is inaccessible by the other. The next thing is to click Partition and the process will start. 

Listen and talk to your machine

The ability of Mac to listen to the user and respond is a good feature. Siri has made this possible. You can choose to press down a Command and Space for some seconds or just hit the Suru tap on the Menu Bar. Additionally, you can call Siri on that iPhone of yours. 

Take screenshots

Unlike Windows, Mac allows you to take screenshots of different sizes. Taking screenshots with Windows is some hard task but for Mac that is different, you choose what to capture. If you want a certain portion of the screen, Mac allows you to do exactly that.

Hide or show the menu bar

With Mac, you can automatically hide or show the menu bar. All you need is to go to settings, then general and choose to automatically hide the menu bar.


The Mac machines come in handy thanks to their great features. Bt this does not mean that you go and throw away your Windows machine.